Auberge saint Pierre

Traditional Restaurant - Saumur

The Spirit Brasserie!

Veritable institution located in the heart of Saumur, Auberge Saint Pierre classified mythical monument with its medieval style, half-timbered, its grand fireplace, his big another century beams and armor, the Inn offers a exceptional. Located between the Castle and the court theater, jewel of the medieval era Auberge Saint Pierre could be classified as a historical monument.

In a setting of old stones, arms and tapestries invite you to discover or rediscover the unique atmosphere of the largest breweries. Each dish is a clever compromise between originality and tradition. The reflection of a brasserie in French where the quality and freshness of the products is measured in every bite. Passionate and talented, our Chef and his team like to renew regularly dishes scoundrels following the rhythm of the seasons, between originality and tradition, Burgundy snails marinated in Chablis, calf's head invigorates sauce, slice of French calf liver, Full bar grilled sea salt, steak beef Charolais, beautiful sole meuniere, curry lamb farmer "Label Rouge" in Indian, pan sweetbreads with morels, beautiful sole meuniere or famous sausage from Troyes AAAAA Each dish is ... inspired by an authentic and traditional cuisine.

When traditional cuisine comes into play ... It has built its reputation on the quality of its products and its service. We like to navigate to share an authentic, friendly and timeless French cuisine and enjoy, from the arrival of summer, a terrace close to the church of the same name. Essential symbol of the history of Saumur, but also the art of living in and out of Saumur and more particularly in the historical district.

Auberge Saint Pierre Cuisine generations, family recipes ... Tired of too systematic exotic or the desire to be original at all costs, you pout fireworks a kitchen that loses its meaning and identity. The search for safe values ​​through a homecoming. The "slow food" inspired more than "fast food" and you want to take the time to enjoy food cooked slowly. The soil becomes inspiration. Garden produce are honored and domestic dishes enthroned prominently ...

This search for a "new rural domestic tradition" has offered you by the team of Vincent Daucé an opportunity for a renewed and simple cuisine. Offal and cheap cuts find their spurs in long simmered dishes. Rustic agreements are heavily loaded with garden vegetables and potatoes "just crushed" stands out as a rare delicacy. Pies, cooked fruit and jars of creams desserts reminiscent of grandmother and make everyone happy.

"The taste of the roots"

Fresh vegetables and some herbs just picked from the garden; a chicken that was seen frolicking in the yard; an onion and a piece of bacon out of the cellar. The cast iron casserole, put on the stove, let out an incomparable smell ... the memories of childhood. Real or fictitious, the memory of this grandmother allows us time for a meal, to dream of a forgotten land, to reconnect with the tradition, to tell us our history

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Traditional Restaurant


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